Post requests for Digital Atmosphere V1.2 work

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Tim Vasquez
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Post requests for Digital Atmosphere V1.2 work

Post by Tim Vasquez »

This thread will serve as a "wish list", and is reserved for users to post requests for bug fixes and/or enhancements for Digital Atmosphere Workstation V1.2. This thread will ensure that I consider each item.

Content must be brief and succinct.

These posts are NOT permitted in this thread and will be deleted:
- Comments requiring a reply
- Vague references to bugs, without supporting details
- Multi-page writeups, including attached graphics
- Anything not related to work on V1.2
- Bugs seen in earlier versions (i.e. not in Workstation V1.1c) -- be sure you have the latest version
- Duplicate content
- Back-and-forth discussions about bugs, including replies to another person, are not allowed here. Please take such content to another thread.


Tim Vasquez
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Post by Tim Vasquez »

Add graphics scripting MM -> IN and IN -> MM conversion operator.

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Post by texsky »


A new bug I've noticed is that with the sounding module, the stability indices don't get recalculated when switching between the 3 parcel trace layers/levels.

There's a bug in the wind field grid(barbs) for levels 400-150mb where a long diagonal line gets drawn from NW-SE in direction. I notice this line showing up in some of the upper-level GRIB wind barbs too.

Wish list...
1. The animation module.
2. With the GRIB module, when selecting the field to contour, the contour "style" would default to a user-defined script, thus bypassing the Analysis menu.
3. Make the "remove last product" function have the capacity to go back several layers, rather than just one.
4. Add a button for viewing radar(s).
5. Add the appropriate pictogram for tropical storms/hurricanes that are normally associated with these systems.
6. A nice feature would be if the user could drag the left mouse button to create a selection rectangle and then have the map "zoom-in" to that particular area.
7. Expand the script-command character limit beyond 255.

That's about all I can think of...for now :wink:


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v1.2 wish list/bug fixes

Post by SteveHmeyer »

Bug Fix
Version 1.1c and earlier
Front drawing has a problem. It draws an extra line sometimes two, looking like a chord line between segments, then later adds the frontal symbols resulting is quite a mess. It is completely useless for drawing fronts on a map.

Wish List
1. A very helpful time saver add a menu item to save raw data for future use with a simple dialog box that asks for the file name under which to save it and the desired location of the saved file.

2. A menu option to save the grid.txt files. These files are very useful in preparing analysis exercises for students. Using Excel pressure change across a front, for example,can be graphed. But it is quite akward to have to manually rename and move the file each time I want to utilize it in another application.

3. While we are on the subject of grid.txt how about a way to re-import files saved in the grid.txt format to carry out a future analysis based on the objective analysis already completed.

4. Map comments. It would look much neater and be easier to read if map comments were on a separate line from the other time/analysis information.

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Post by Fred »

In menu: Relative Humidity (%). The % is not displayed.
On the work chart I have a small map: 600 * 515. Then I use the next script:
import,d:\Program Files\DigitalAtmosphereWS\Wereld real.dmf
The map Wereld real has a size of 800 * 696. The result is that the whole map is shown but fleet is displayed to the boundaries of the small map. When I use LOAD instead of IMPORT, you see the old chart and part of the new chart.
Data retieval
Deleting sites is still not possible: not with ckecking, highlighting or both
I tried to change the size of the legend block. Changing the font size: nothing happened. Changing the font to arial: the size is smaller so OK. With most of the analysis options the legend block is OK but when I use data plots the block is corrupted: printed double and a bit moved.
Plotting or not of graticul is based on the preference parameters and not included in the base map. In this way you can never switch in a script between maps with and without graticule (interesting when using satellite images)

Script: Call
Is it possible to add a function where you can call another script file: CALL, filename, where filename is a valid script name? In this way you can make and test small scripts, give them a useful name and if they are OK add them easily to the existing script.
If more scripts are scheduled at the same time DAWS takes care that always just 1 script is executing and the next starts when the previous is finished. This prevents you from guessing how long a script will run and so calculate the starting time of the next script.
When clicking on Help, is it possible to open Acrobat reader and the manual. It is quicker then finding it with the explorer or the shortcut I use now. And I don’t want to print the manual yet, because up to now it
changes a lot.
A tab to give default directories. This gives the possibility to make separate directories for scripts, maps, output etc. so you can organize your own files better. The default is for DAWS to look directly in that direction.
It possible to make a kind of a link between styles in preferences and color scheme (maybe good idea to give them same names) in generate maps. I see two possibilities:
- add a field in peferences which style is preference. This one is always shown in all places where you use it.
- the last style chosen in preferences or generate maps is the default and is shown in all places.
Copy markings onto base map:
- Add as a script command (otherwise erase removes the added basemap).
- Add automatically to “save map”
Add a “Legend block option” with the choice of
- not printing
- map background (present situation)
- white background
default station
A station that is always plotted on the screen (when existing in the input and using the plot-command of course)

Wally Mayo
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Post by Wally Mayo »

May add more later, but so far....
(some of these you already know)

1. Warnings plot
2. Label latitude/longitude lines
3. Implement "text" in drawing box
4. If ASUS01 files has two reports in file, only plot last one. (This will eliminate many bad frontal plots, though the original fault is not in DAWS)
5. An option to exclude radars in clear air mode (it is encoded in a way that would allow this?)
6. An option to allow radar to be A-transparent (as it is now) or B-totally opaque (for dark backgrounds, relief maps, etc.)
7. Allow more radar sites for ingestion.


Zoom in on a saved basemap..........

Post by Weasel »

This is more of a wish than a bug. For instance, load a saved base map, hit the zoom speed button, and then have DA stretch that image to fit with the new dimensons. As DA saves the coordinates for the image being displayed I'm hoping this won't be too hard to implement, even though there will be a small loss in base map image quality once it is zoomed.

Peter Creswick
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Post by Peter Creswick »

As a general comment, and further to my request for plotting rainfall in millimetres (in another thread) Tim, I think that for DAWS to have world wide appeal, you are going to have to look at installing all the conversion factors for all units for all display and plot functions, so that users world wide can customise their own plots to the units that they want to SEE on their charts (ie, the customer is always right !).

In my case, Australia uses a mixture of units even though "Officially" Australia is a metric country. The truth is, aviation and marine users have to live with a mixture of units, metric and imperial. Officail BoM weather data on the net is all metric, so everything has to be convertible to maximise flexibility and "customisation" by users.

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Post by TimWest »

Unable to change the line width or colour of streamlines with the script command
analyze,line=2 color=200:0:0 strm wind

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Post by texsky »


Pressure tendency will only contour in integer multiples.


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