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Data Hour Selection Problem / Fault / Cross contamination !!

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Peter Creswick
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Location: Sydney Australia (down under)

Data Hour Selection Problem / Fault / Cross contamination !!

Post by Peter Creswick »

:shock: :shock: :? :? :? :? :?

Tim, I injested 6 hours of synop and metar data expecting to be able to select maual in the time box and plot the hour I wanted the same as you could in DA2000.

Horror of horrors when I could not. All that happened was a little bos came up called "most popular hour". No matter what I put in the two fields in that box, I kept getting 00Z data only !!!

So, needing to do some plots, I copied all the data files over to the DA2000 data directory and injested and went to plot manual as always.

Megga horror of horrors. The time selection box came up as usual, BUT, it only shows the data for 00z 03z and 06z !! The other hours, ie, 23Z, 01Z, 02Z and 04Z and 05z do not show any blue boxes. Selecting any gives nothing.

Being confused, I decided to look at data.usr in both DA2000 and DAWS.

It appears that both programs ingested all the data from the files into data.usr, but neither is processing them correctly.

I have placed all the files in

What now ?
Jon Wright
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Post by Jon Wright »

If I read Tim's statement correctly, he is done with DAWS for the time being and is working on a book.
Wally Mayo
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Post by Wally Mayo »

I think this problem is similar to the thread dealing with buoys not plotting for the same hour as land metars. Something in the time selection and handling of "combined" files isn't working quite right.
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