Agravating bugs in v1.1e

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Roy Leep
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Agravating bugs in v1.1e

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Still contending with some worrysome bugs that are leftovers from the beta days. I am using W98.

1. I use a US map at 38.901N and -99.141 W with 3000 mile scale and width of 1000 and height of 800. Fronts on this map are always accompanied by extraneous frontal lines over the entire width of the map when using a script but when using the manual menu, fronts are always perfect.

2. Try as I may, I have been unable to increase the width of coastlines on maps by using "preference-styles". Sometimes this even causes a map to abort. In Florida this is very important. What I do see is the Mexican and some islands increase in width but never the US coastline. Is there a way to enter this by script that might work?

If these two items were solved it would clear up some basic problems.


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