Multi Panel Radar Displays

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Multi Panel Radar Displays

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I've found I really need to be able to see multiple panels at one time during severe weather tracking (for example, pull all four tilts of the SRM and view them side by side).

Here is the question, and it probably needs to go through you Tim. Would it be possible to do four full installs of DAWS and use each instance to display a tilt and use Windows to tilt the instances. I do know if I run multiple instances of the same install I get a file read error (probably a file locking error but I haven't check for sure). Anyone ever tried something like this?

Tim, the next question would be - how would four application instances running on the same machine be affected by the software license. Would I need four licenses to be able to do this or would one be sufficent since it's a instance of the same application running on a single computer.

David C - KC9DBE

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