Work In Progress: Digital Atmosphere V0.42

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Tim Vasquez
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Work In Progress: Digital Atmosphere V0.42

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Digital Atmosphere V0.42 beta

I will use this message to post details about the next version that will be released. When released, it will summarize the changes in the latest version.
  • An error in import of all functions in the Climatology module has been fixed ("read beyond end of file"). This was caused by a change in type definitions in our compiler that rendered it incompatible with the DIGATMOS.CLR climatology file. (12/26/03)
  • The climatology module has been fixed to change output from the OLD Custom Data File Format (Col 1-20: Location; 21-30 Lat; 31-40 Long; 41-50 Value; 51-60 Vector) to the NEW Custom Data File Format (Col 1-7 Lat; 8-14 Long; 15-21 Value; 22-28 Vector; 29- Location). Contour analysis of climatology data has not yet been re-enabled due to ongoing contour module work. (12/26/03)
  • I have received no feedback on the FLEETCODE module, so I will assume that it is working fine. I checked it out and looked at European weather tonight and didn't see any problem. (12/27/03)
  • New climatological data from GHCN V2.0 (monthly max/min/precipitation for 1970-1999 30-year period) merged into database to bring the number of stations from 2,530 up to 4,300. (12/27/03)
This message will be edited as more changes are implemented. Check it again to see the progress on this version. This version has NOT been released yet!

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