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REGISTRATION: Program reverts to a trial version

Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2004 4:33 pm
by Tim Vasquez
Q. Sometimes the registered version changes to the trial version and I have no idea why.

You will lose your registration if (1) you log in as a different user, or (2) you reinstall Windows. It is rare that other reasons are the cause, but may conceivably result from a virus protection program that keeps Digital Atmosphere from accessing the registry. Just E-mail us if you need another key number; we'll be glad to help out.

If you need a completely unlocked version of Digital Atmosphere, we do offer the Professional Version (see our [a href=]Digital Atmosphere[/url] page. This contains no registration restrictions and is suited for corporate and government use. We don't distribute this version via the Internet as we have had problems in the past with software pirating. It's only available on CD-ROM.