Is Digital Atmosphere okay for dialup connections?

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Tim Vasquez
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Is Digital Atmosphere okay for dialup connections?

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> Hello, I am thinking about purchasing the DA software for someone
> who only has a dialup connection rather than broadband. Would this
> make using the software cumbersome or is there relatively little
> difference between using dialup versus broadband? Thanks!

Actually it can streamline it a bit as Digital Atmosphere automatically constructs the name of the file it needs to download, whereas without it you'd have to hunt through directory listings (which could take a long time on dialup). Also once the data is in Digital Atmosphere, the user can browse through the maps very quickly, rather than load up a multitude of images off the Internet.

The files Digital Atmosphere needs are small (from 5K for radar to 400K with surface data), so I think if the "someone" is a bit patient they'll be happy with Digital Atmosphere.

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