Using "make topography" in the Map Menu in DAWS

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Dave Exton
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Using "make topography" in the Map Menu in DAWS

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Hi all. This is a repeat of a post I submitted some time ago concerning topography (in the mountains / hills sense).

I'm sorry if I've missed a relavent posting but does anyone have problems generating relief maps from the program in DAWS (current version, all patches installed, Windows XP)?

Try as I might, I can't get the sea to appear as ANY colour other than green (same as the land) despite trying all sorts of map settings.

I note my lat / long lines appear on top of the land areas (despite the fact I have DAWS set to hide them behind) when I use the "make topography" option.

I look forward to any comments!

P.S. 'Looking forward to Tim sorting out the map projection issue. It'll be greate to map in polar stereographic.

'Hope the building's going well Tim, and that the blood pressure's within normal limits!

Regards and respect to all,

Dave Exton, UK.

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