GEO: Group for Earth Observation

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GEO: Group for Earth Observation

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GEO is the Group for Earth Observation.
It is an organisation for everyone interested in weather satellites and earth imaging.

For everybody in England.
Next Saturday, April 30, 2005 is the GEO Symposium 2005 at the National Space Centre in Leicester. This symposium is also very interesting for users of DAWS. Weather satellite images can be used as background in DAWS. Here you can see and hear how to do that.

For all.
Joining GEO is a must for every DAWS-user. The GEO-quarterlies pays a lot of attention to DAWS. Previous articles described e.g. “Use Fleetcode data to add synoptic details to Meteosat Images” and “HRPT Images from NOAA Active Archive” (which can be used as background). In the next issues a general article about DAWS will appear and also an extended article about Scripting.

See for the details

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