Updated digatmos.stn file

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Updated digatmos.stn file

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At this link:

... you will find a very updated station file for DA. It has numerous changes to surface stations as well as some radar site repositions/ID changes, etc.
The latest round of surface additions (plus a few ID changes) include:
Savannah IL
Granby TX
Somerset KY
West Point VA
Pampas TX
Robstown TX
Kill Devil Hills NC
Shelby NC
Stafford VA
Robinson IL
Pittsville IL
Lincoln IL
Moultrie GA
Port Lavaca TX
Weslaco Midvalley TX
New Almelo KS
Leoti/Hoard KS
Wakeeney KS
Palestine TX

UPDATE - Feb. 29, 2004
Following stations have been added/id changed:
McGregor MN
Bridgeport TX
Hebron NE
UPDATE - Mar. 5, 2004
Galliano Base LA

plus at least a couple of dozen added in past revisions.

Put this into your main DA folder, and don't forget to RECOMPILE TABLES as found in the menus. In this raw list, I marked all added stations from the original default with an asterick (so additions could be identified).

Most of the info came either from http://www.airnav.com or http://www.rap.ucar.edu

I'm sure Tim will have the absolutely the most snazzy and up-to-date list when the new version comes out. Until then, you will really want to update your station file. There have been many changes and additions since 2000.


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