Buoy, C-man, Ship Reports

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Buoy, C-man, Ship Reports

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Hi Everyone:

Tim, just let me say DA is a marvelous program. Thank you for making it. As a weather buff it is a dream come true.

I downloaded a large quantinty of ocean surface data. The Albany data
was in the 012300 SNVD15 type of format. Created a global map.

Data plotted at 100% showed a heavy cluster off NW US coast, and off SW CN coast. fair amount plotted off Wrn US coast. Very low in the Gulf, a few off SE US coast; very few along Ern sea board and a cluster in the Gulf of Main. Few in the Atlantic Ocean and a heavy cluster off Europe.

Noticed that no C-Man reports were plotted. Checked SXUS20, Stations ALSN6, BUZM3 and others were listed. Stations 44004 Hotel , 42002 W. Gulf Buoy. 42001 Mid Gulf Buoy and 42003 East Gulf Buoy did not plot. They were all listed in SAUX20.

My conclusions are Ocean Ship Reports plot only when you download one file from the directory. C-Man and some other Buoys as listed above do not plot for some reason.

If it is not in the station file of DA will it plot?

Thanks for your time in reading this. Please decide if this can be fixed in future DAws releases.

Dave Jity :)

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I'm not sure if I understand your problem, but if the stations aren't listed in digatmos.stn, I don't think they'll plot. Try updating your digatmos.stn file (Wally Mayo has an updated file linked in this forum). If some stations are still unlisted, you can try adding them in yourself. Let me know if this doesn't help.


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