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Wind display with GRIB Data
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Author:  Tom [ Thu Feb 12, 2004 7:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Wind display with GRIB Data

DAWS - V0.41alpha
I imported a GRIB file with wind data every 6 hours up to 72h. Plotting with Data - Surface set to 0000Z gives a good plot of wind vectors. 0100Z is good as well, but at 0200Z it takes a few seconds and then the map is full of vectors with a tendency to the lower left hand corner which is completly black . Going to Manual setting shows the Surface Data Select Window with 6004 observations; 0000Z shows 15 blue squares and 0100Z 5 blue sqares and all other fields are empty. Somehow the program doesn't recognize the correct GRIB-time?
The Select GRIB field dialog shows the correct times for the data in the GRIB file. What can I do with this dialog anyway? I tried to select Pressure MSL data with Contour enabled but nothing happened?

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