IA "mesonet" sfc obs can be plotted

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IA "mesonet" sfc obs can be plotted

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In the spirit of trying to stay true to what Dig Atmo used to be about…sfc plots… for those polling sfc data from U. of Albany, a slew of obs from the “IA mesonet” are available for ingesting into Dig Atmo. The obs span potions of IA, SD and lower MN. See the following sfc map and note the second order obs in IA. Hopefully when you view the sfc plot the obs are there that hour:

I’ve uploaded a text file so you can copy and paste the station info into your .stn file. The info will work in any version of Dig Atm (2000, WS, etc). I’m just a messenger therefore I make no guarantees on the accuracy of the station IDs, the lat/lon info or, the quality of the data.




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