Data retrieval errors and crashing

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Data retrieval errors and crashing

Post by britbob »

For those that have DAWS running un-attended for lengthy periods via the scheduler, is there a way around the data retrieval error problem?

When DAWS is downloading data from a source, and that source is unavailable DAWS usually hangs up and just sits there. Eventually it just freezes up (well on my machine it does) and it needs a ctrl/alt/dlt to shut the program down. Now if the program is unattended, we can`t keep doing this.

This afternoon, I was playing with the Canadian radar imports, and one of the stations failed to download. The `egg timer` continually, followed by an error and eventually DAWS locked up.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Post by scarecrow93 »

I've had the same problem with radar data...but with a little more severe results. I leave DAWS unattended to create radar maps and loops. Sometimes it crashes 30-40 minutes into the script...sometimes it's 12-20 hours. Instead of the control-alt-delete hang it will completely close the program out.

I'm hoping this is related to the memory leakage bug that was mentioned some time ago. Hopefully there is a fix in the works.

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Post by wxforecaster »

I leave my DAWS unattended a lot. Sometimes for about 3-4 days. However when i check on it. The program completely SHUT OFF!!! I thought it was a memory problem!

I used to download Radar data but that crashed the program about 12-18 hours after leaving it unattened.

I feel your pain and i hope this gets fixed soon. But yet again we have been waiting for a new update for about 3-6 months. Maybe longer. Hopefully it is coming soon!

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Post by Al Pietrycha »

I too HAD the same issue you descibed with plotting radar data until I switched my source from COD to NOAA. Now, with using NOAA as my radar provider I can run three to four days before I hit a virtual memory error ( I hoist 13 *large* sfc sectors over to the web every 20 min).


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Post by kinetic »

I will pretty much echo what Al says in using NOAA. I go several days till the mem error shows up.

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