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Data from DWD via satellite and ftp for free

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Data from DWD via satellite and ftp for free

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Do you know DWDSAT?
DWDSAT is a satellite-based system (Linux-(/Windows-)PC, DVB) for the distribution of meteorological data by the use of standard DVB-technology.

Here are some good news from the DWDSAT-Website: ... /namen.htm

The global data set you find at: ... at-gds.htm

Deutscher Wetterdienst offers selected meteorological data, the so-called Global dataset (GDS), for special terms and conditions. DWD can now offer the reception of these data for free of charge if you register with the special registration form and are a registered user of EUMETCast. The reception of EUMETCast can be managed by EUMETSAT.

The data can be received using an appropriate receiving-station (PC, DVB-card), which also allows the reception of EUMETCast (METEOSAT satellite images). Vice versa an EUMETCast receiver can also be used to receive DWDSAT.

Within the licencing procedure a fee of 100 Euro will be charged by EUMETSAT for a Hardware-Dongle and specific receiving-software (WINDOWS or LINUX). This fee of 100 Euro has to be paid in advance to Eumetsat directly, because they deliver the Dongle and software to the user by mail.

The Global Dataset can also be downloaded from DWD by FTP without any charges. This only requires an informall registration by e-mail to with the following information:
First name, last name, company or organisation (private, if none), country, postal code, city, address, phone-number.
You will receive ftp access data (username, password) which you need to download the data from the ftp-server from This can be done either using the command prompt or by using a program such as Total Commander which includes the ftp-transfer function in a way easy-to-understand or with wsftp.exe.

The global dataset (GDS) may be used without any restriction. Duplication and proliferation of the GDS or parts of it is permitted when quoting the source Deutscher Wetterdienst.

Best regards, Stefan
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