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David Taylor
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Move to Web forums

Post by David Taylor »

I am very disappointed that you have moved from the mail-based text discussions to this Web format. I find using Web-based forums much more tiresome than having something come to my in-box, or have an NNTP based newsgroup.

Would it be possible to add either Newsgroup (NNTP) functionality or some sort of mail-based interface?


Tim Vasquez
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Re: Move to Web forums

Post by Tim Vasquez »

David Taylor wrote:I am very disappointed that you have moved from the mail-based text discussions to this Web format.
I expected some resistance to this. However I'll look for any add-ons that will allow messages to be sent to user E-mail address, which would continue a mail-based format. This will depend on what plug-ins are available. I did look seriously at NNTP but decided it wasn't a good move.. everything seems to be going Web-based right now.


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Post by LaurierWilliams »

It is possible to be notified by email of a response to any of your posts by ticking the appropriate box below your post, though that's hardly the same functionality.

I had much the same feelings as David when our main weather email list in Australia (aussie-Wx) was supplemented by a BB format forum (Weatherzone). However, after working with the two for two years, I strongly prefer the added functionality of the BB format. And so, it seems, to most other Aussies, with probably 10 times as much traffic on the forum as on the list.

It requires some change in habits, but items I like are:

easier to skim for topics of interest
threads have greater integrity when you can look through the whole thread
more formatting control
ability to insert images and proper hyperlinks
fully searchable
...and you can edit a post you've just sent when you remember something you this!

Tim, I think your decision was a good one and that the traffic on the "list" will quickly prove this.

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