Scheduler, Image Grabber and Auto Upload.

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Scheduler, Image Grabber and Auto Upload.

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You are doing a GREAT job on WINGRIDDS and support of the program is TOP NOTCH! Two thumbs up. This is one of the best weather Analysis programs that i have seen.

I went though the manual and worked on the program. The only thing i find this program to be weak in is Uploading images to the internet on a scheduler. Let me explain if you will, Digital Atmosphere has a very basic but extremely useful scheduler. All that i have to do is put in the time in which i want the script to run, and it does! But in that Script i have things that will execute, in this order:
1. download the file i need
2. digest the file so that the program can read the data
3 calls up a Map (which is a separate File), It is a bmp file.
4. The Data will Plot on the Map.
5. then a command will save JUST the image and store it on my Hard drive (it isnt print screen at all).
6. I repeat steps 3-5 about 75 times to make 75 images.
7. Now i upload those 75 images to my web server to be displayed. I would do this EVERY Hour with the RUC2 data.

I have the scripting down great. That isn't the problem. I just think if you could make something that i just mention easier for WINGRIDDS you will have lots of meteorologist HAPPY. I would prefer the Images to come out at PNG files! I know WINGRIDDS does most of it but i am just suggesting to make it Easier and Flow smoothly!

I want this program to help out my website during Severe weather season and this is what i need.. a Program like yours another with a EASY Scheduler!

I hope i didn't sound harsh at all. I just want to make this program EVEN Better!

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Post by jkrob »


Thanks for all of you kind works reguarding WINGRIDDS. I'm always looking for ways to improve the program and all that it does.

Now then...

Noooo...your not asking for much ;-). Just kidding. Are you aware that WINGRIDDS already has an automatic execution capability? My perspective all along has been the following:

1) DA was probably designed to be able to do what it does in this area from the ground-up. The program structure was desgined to do that (this is just a guess, though). WINGRIDDS (& PCGRIDDS32) structure was inherited from the previous & origional designer. In order to accomplish what you have described (the way DA does it) would require a *complete* restructuring of the program. With me being the sole programmer & the amount of work involved, the ends do not justify the means. There are higher priority featurers I have received requests for, besides...

2) WINGRIDDS can already do what you want...just in a different way. Gee, I'm still suprised at time I get it to do what it does compaired to the origional PCGRIDDS. In DA, the burden of scheduling & execution is from within DA. In WINGRIDDS, the burden of scheduling & execution is from within Windows via the Scheduled Tasks section. GRIB download, File Conversion & WINGRIDDS exectuion to do a task can all be done through batch files being scheduled to execute at a specific time.

3) WINGRIDDS is free...DA starts at $99...knowadimean?

Anyways, like I said, Thanks for your thoughts & I'll keep them all in mind.

Thank you for your support,
Jeff Krob,
WINGRIDDS System Developer

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