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SAVE PNG format

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 5:35 pm
by sbuque
Thanks J.Krob

I received the web site reference and i took a quick view.
But i could not check if the data avaliable here are Global. I pretend to use in AFRICA (Mozambique).

There is another problem with WinGridds. i tried to save a file: i made sure that in C\wingridds\user\wingmod the line number 8 was .PNG. so that i typed the comand save 4digitsfilename and the rest as described in the Manual.

On C\Wingridds\PRTFIL i found the saved picture but i cant open it even usind window and fax viwer or Microsoft office picture.

I decided to change the PNG format to BMP format on wingmode.
now i could see something dark and whene i open it, nothing is displayd inside but if i go back to the screen, i still find the plot with everething there.

I hope you can help me

Sergio From Mozambique