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WINGRIDDS Version 3.1 Release Notice

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:39 am
by jkrob

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! After alot of work, sweat and communications between all of the Beta Testers, I am proud to announce the release of WINGRIDDS v3.1. There are many bug fixes and some improvements to the way the programs work - all in the effort to make your time with WINGRIDDS more productive, educational and enjoyable. I hope you appreciate the bug fixes and enjoy the improvements. As always, please read the Release Notes for full information on everything.

Now that v3.1 is finally done, I can start working toward WINGRIDDS v4.0!!

Thanks again for all your support & well wishes I received over this holiday season and I hope you enjoyed yours as well.

Jeff Krob
WINGRIDDS System Developer