Tim let you know ...

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Tim let you know ...

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Hi all,

my name is Stefan Lichius and I´m the european representative of Tim and a good friend of him.
Since little Gabriel is born - times has changed :)
I will help him and will have a look on the messages in the Forum for the next weeks.
Going through all the messages in the forum would take a lot of time and would distract him from the programming work, which is why he has not visited it for a longer time.
Tim let you know the following:

"My time has gotten very short with the family and new
baby -- he is sleeping only about 7 hours a night and requires a
considerable amount of attention during the day; my wife and I are
having to trade off shifts to take care of him. Quite honestly I was
not quite prepared for this, and it's made all the more difficult
because I program in my home office. I no longer get 8-hour blocks of
programming time like I used to, and this makes it quite a challenge to
maintain 30,000 lines of code. But Digital Atmosphere work is still
going on. The new sounding module and an animation module were
completed over the weekend and I am working this into the new version.
Our situation is improving and I hope to be back on the forum within the
next couple of weeks. I ask for everyone's patience until I get this
back on track -- I am trying the best I can under the circumstances. I
have set a deadline for myself of early June to finish the version."

So - feel free to send your questions and messages in the Forum.
I will have a look on it and communicate with Tim to find answers on the most important things.
Please be indulgent for my english and don`t hang me up - but I will do my very best :lol:

Thanks for your patience,

Stefan Lichius

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