WINGRIDDS Beta 7.0 Testing Announcement

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WINGRIDDS Beta 7.0 Testing Announcement

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This is to announce the start of a new testing phase for the lead-up to the release of WINGRIDDS v4.0. This release will have some new exciting features which continue to push the capabilities of WINGRIDDS in it's ability to analyze and diagnose meteorological data. This release will have the ability to remap gridded data to customized user-defined grid mappings, ingest and process NCEP BUFR-based observation data, enhanced data download scripting to expand the data download capabilities from the Internet as well as other improvements from the original PCGRIDDS.

To participate in this testing, you need to have installed the latest operational version of WINGRIDDS v3.2. Please go to to the WINGRIDDS v4.0 Beta testing section to find the files to download. As a note of caution, with the changes in the download scripting, the files included in the "WINGRIDDS Beta 7.0 Additional Data" file (which is required, by the way) will replace nearly all of the original download scripts in the GRIB\USER directory and the new scripts will be incompatible with the current download utility URL2FILE so, if you wish to revert back to the current WINGRIDDS operations, those old files will need to be saved prior to installing the new installation files. All of the zip files need to be unzipped into the current WINGRIDDS directory. As always, please read the Release Notes for full info and, when reporting a bug, please be as complete as possible in describing the bug & the steps to perform to recreate the bug. The more details you provide, the faster I can fix them!

Thanks again for all your support & Happy Testing!
Jeff Krob
WINGRIDDS System Developer

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