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nested calculations

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nested calculations

Post by CONvect »

Hi Jeff & fellow Wingriddsers

Im searching my ass off do do this calculation in a makro:

(SCALAR1 / 1000)
(SCALAR2 / 40)
(SCALAR3 / 100)

& Display the result as contours.
Is there a way to do nested calculations in Wingridds?

Because most meteorological formulas are... "Quite" nested. After going through the Manual over & over again, I'm beginning to think it is just downright impossible. (multiplying & dividing 2 scalars together is no problem, as is Multiplying/dividing by a constant. But how to use these values to do other calculations... )

The only thing i can come up with is this:

sdvc 1000 SCALAR1 smlt sdvc 40 SCALAR2 smlt sdvc 100 SCALAR3

But it don't work

Can you help me out Jeff?

Thank you for your time & pogram. Its a beauty

Fastowarn Belgium
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