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RAOB can now FTP - Up and Down
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Author:  JohnShewchuk [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 1:29 am ]
Post subject:  RAOB can now FTP - Up and Down

WOW. The RAOB Program just became a whole lot more powerful over the weekend. Last week it could only download sounding data via the HTTP method. Now, it can not only download data using the FTP method, but it can also upload files, including images, encoded soundings, and export files. This includes images such as SkewTs, Hodographs, Cross-Sections, and more. All program Batch & Timer functions now have full FTP functions which are independently configured, so you can upload images, files, and exports to different FTP locations -- all within the same batch command. Amazing. You can now use the power of RAOB to automatically update remote locations, websites, and the world. Currently only available with the developing RAOB 6.3 Beta program ...

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