WX-Sim Not Working in Auto

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WX-Sim Not Working in Auto

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I have had this software for years, and to say the least I have no where near the best use out of it I could and should. Recently after some computer move arounds I though I would have another go at getting it to work for me. Follow the manual, and do it step by step everything is A OK. Try and get it to run automatically, not a hope. Tried both ways, by using the onboard scheduler and also by using System Scheduler. Neither will work after perhaps one automatic forecast if I am lucky. In addition I get multiple copies of the Data Entry, WX-Sim12.8.11 left on the screen unless I manually delete them.
Anyone any suggestions please as to how I can use this software as it should be? I know its not the software as lots of folk find it works well, so it must be me or my kit.

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Re: WX-Sim Not Working in Auto

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You must use both system SS and the wxsim. First start SS at 1 min. before download time for wxmate start time.Then start SS for wxsim 1 min before wxsim start time.
When the run is finished there ia a box in wxsim to deleate the run from screen, What weather Program are you using to get the info.
If you need more help then feel free to PM me.

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