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After converting GRIB to PCG32 files I check the NGRB2PCG32.OUT file

There are 2 types of error messages in it:

one for an unknown GRID and the other for an unknown grid parameter (in this case 144 and 223).

Now I know to update the GRID files you go into GRID.DAT file and for the unknown parameter I assume you would go into the GRIBPARM.DAT file.

My question is will just placing either the grid number or grid parameter number suffice OR do you also have to supply the additional attributes (either the PCG32 grid identifier or for grid parameter the PCGRIDDS parameter name) too.

If you do is there a master listing of ALL PCG32 GRIDS and their attributes? Also is there a list for the PCG32 grid parameters too?

By the way the above applies for ingesting/converting of ETA grib data.

I haven't really checked too closely on the GFS grib data but do know there were errors (not as many) in the NG*.OUT file most for (unkown grid types).


Andy Gregorio
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