Macro for computing deformation of wind.

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Macro for computing deformation of wind.

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Does any body have a macro for computing the deformation of the wind for a particular height using a specific model (NGM, ETA, GFS, RUC);or is there one already in PCG?

also need to compute the total deformation of wind for multiple layers.


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There are three types of wind deformation: Stretching, Shearing and Total. There are commands/macros in PCG32 for all of these. Search through the HELPC.DAT file for 'deformation' for all of the commands dealing with stretching and shearing and if you have the macro TDEF, that calculated the total deformation. These work for any wind (normal, geostrophic, ageostrophic, isentropic, etc.).

Good luck,
Jeff Krob

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