Map With International Borders in Africa

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Map With International Borders in Africa

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I am a forecaster at the Johannesburg Aviation Weather Centre, in South Africa and whould like to enquire on the status of the map files, especially Africa.

We In South Africa uses Octant M (30W - 60E, 0N - 90S).

My problem arrises with using the World map, (as it is the only map that covers our area), but it lacks the international borders, which makes it difficult to use.

Copying the file from the DOS version of PCGRIDDS does not solve this problem, as the map gets ripped to pieces over the display, making the problem worse.

Quinton Jacobs

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Hi Quinton,

When I was developing PCGRIDDS32, the map files from DOS PCGRIDDS had to be converted to be used in PCGRIDDS32. I converted all the maps which came with PCGRIDDS and are included in PCGRIDDS32. If you have another map file which was used in PCGRIDDS but is not included in PCGRIDDS32, I have a utility to convert them. If you wish, send me your other PCGRIDDS map file(s) and I can convert them for you.

Jeff Krob

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