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pcgrids files

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2004 1:49 pm
by STM01
I need some help. Once I go to the grib files listed on the pcgrids website exactly what files do I download into the pcgrids32/nws directory?
There appears to be numerous files..

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 1:28 pm
by ncwxman

I was not sure which site you were referring to. So, here is what to look for on the following site.

Go to

In this "folder" you will see a list of various models and runs of the models.

Hear is a list of the ETA model files.
09/17/2004 01:41AM Directory MT.eta_CY.00
01/28/2002 12:00AM Directory MT.eta_CY.03
09/17/2004 07:17AM Directory MT.eta_CY.06
09/16/2004 01:42PM Directory MT.eta_CY.12
09/16/2004 07:16PM Directory MT.eta_CY.18

Select which run of the model you want.
You will then see a file like the following:

09/16/2004 02:49PM Directory RD.20040916

Click on it.

You will then see the following:

09/16/2004 03:23PM Directory
09/16/2004 03:04PM Directory PT.grid_DF.gr1
09/16/2004 03:03PM Directory PT.sndn_DF.buf
09/16/2004 03:13PM Directory PT.text_GP.tratcf

Select PT.grid_DF.gr1

You will now see a list of GRIB files like the following:

09/16/2004 01:49PM 46,299,848 fh.0006_tl.press_gr.awip12
09/16/2004 01:48PM 7,866,894 fh.0006_tl.press_gr.awip20
09/16/2004 01:47PM 15,459,658 fh.0006_tl.press_gr.awip3d
09/16/2004 01:47PM 9,564,262 fh.0006_tl.press_gr.awipak
09/16/2004 01:48PM 1,105,072 fh.0006_tl.press_gr.awp211
09/16/2004 01:45PM 85,846,072 fh.0006_tl.press_gr.egrdsf
09/16/2004 01:49PM 9,068,020 fh.0006_tl.press_gr.grbgrd
09/16/2004 03:02PM 1,234,052 fh.0006_tl.press_gr.icwf20
09/16/2004 03:02PM 308,488 fh.0006_tl.press_gr.icwf3d

I usually select the awp211 files. They are the smallest of the files in size available and offer forecast for every 6 hours. Some of the files offer forecast for every 3 hours but they are a little bigger.

For GFS files I use the following site: ... r_datasets

Hope this helps.