New version of PCGRIDDS32

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New version of PCGRIDDS32

Post by vorticity »

I was just wondering when the new version of PCGRIDDS32 will be released. I was also wondering what this new verision will include. BTW I love this program!

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Post by jkrob »


Here is the new plan, since my last post about the upcoming Beta release, several bugs were detected in PCGRIDDS32, NGRB2PCG32 & GRIB2PCG32. With this new situation, I have decided to split the releases into two parts. There will be a version 1.1 update release for the three programs at the end of this month (I promise!) then the Beta release of PCGRIDDS32 with the new features will be released shortly thereafter.

After the beta release is stable and released as a production release, I'm going to distribute a survey of sorts to get opinions on the direction of PCGRIDDS32 in the area of which major improvements I have planned (separate from the point-and-click GUI) would be most inportant to users.

Thank you for your patience,


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