Print problems

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Print problems

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Every time I print an image in PCGRIDDS32 it locks up. I'm using the mouse only when the print dialog comes up. I'm running PCGRIDDS32 on a machine with a 2.20GHz Celeron processor with 512MB RAM, Windows XP Service Pack 2.


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Post by jkrob »


All my testing was on Win98 and Win2k on both local and networked printers and all worked OK. I don't have a WinXP system to test...I was afraid of this (GRRRR!!). I'll see what I can do.

Is there anyone else out there using WinXP where printing *does* work?


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Print probs in Xp Home

Post by andyg »


After following the instructions regarding printing and using the mouse on the print dialog box, one map will print then PCG locks up.

Andy G

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print probs in Win XP home

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Count me in, too
I am using Win XP Home on a Compaq Presario with AMD Athlon processor. 256 mb memory, 40 GB harddrive. The first map prints just fine, then no commands will enter on the command line. It is then necessary to employ the three finger salute to end the program. On the positive side, the inclusion of the title line is a nice touch. I find the print option so desireable, I am willing to put up with the shortcomings until a fix becomes available.

Carl Sidor

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