Problem with NGRB2PCG32 v1.2

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Diasecting the NGRB2PCG32.OUT file, my view is that this is a NCEP/NWS problem...(whoever builds the GRIB files). Going through the file, I'm finding these one-hour incriment values stuck in files for other forecast hours. For example, parameters for forecast hour 22 are included in the 264 forecast hour file. Below is the complete list:

22 in FH 264
23 in FH 276
25 in FH 300
26 in FH 312
27 in FH 324
28 in FH 336
29 in FH 348
30 in FH 360
31 in FH 272
32 in FH 384

AFAIK, the GFS only runs in 6 hour incriments, maybe 3 hour for the first 184 hours or so but I don't think there are one hour incriment parameters and if there are, the 20's & 30's hours shouldn't be stuck with the 200's & 300's. Also, where are the 1 hour incriment parameters starting from FH 0 like the RUC. My vote is that this is a NCEP/NWS screw up.

The only way around this is a forecast hour exclusion list for NGRB2PCG32 to reference to keep certian forecast hours from being processed.

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Exclusion file works for me, thanks Jeff!


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