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Ocens Grib Explorer - getting grib data?
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Author:  WxFish [ Tue Jul 11, 2006 2:05 am ]
Post subject:  Ocens Grib Explorer - getting grib data?

Ocens "Grib Explorer" is a pretty good tool for animations with the limitation that it is geared towards using grib data that they want to sell you. The more specific limitation is that it really doesn't like grib files larger than about 5M. Ocens software has applications that will retrieve the files in the right format and size, but I really don't want to spend $100/mo getting the data I want.

So for my question.....Is there any software available that will retrieve only the grib data you ask for (specific model - e.g. NAM, specific lat/long ranges, for specific heights and paramteres (e.g. 850 mb ws, wd, RH, Abs vort) and a series of forecast hours) all in one file. I know about NOMADS sites, but they retrieve 1 file per forecast hour, this is a real pain to load into Grib Explorer.

Author:  wxforecaster [ Wed Jul 12, 2006 4:54 am ]
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There is always GEMPAK but you need to be set up on a Linux OS. Here is the link to the program. It is free too!

Hope that helps a little!

Author:  wxocens [ Thu Nov 08, 2007 11:35 pm ]
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Thanks for taking a look at GE. GRIB Explorer will display any GRIB data that conforms to WMO 1.0 standards and soon will display 2.0 as well. It is not restricted to the display of gribs from WeatherNet.

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