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Re: Some requests
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Author:  severe storm_forecaster [ Mon Sep 10, 2007 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Some requests

Hello guys (and gals!)

Now that I'm back up on my feet, well about 80% anyway, following a fairly significant heart attack, I need to ask a few things with regarding writing scripts to FTP charts to web sites and such.

1. Can anyone provide an example of how to write FTP scripts?

2. Can anyone tell me how to write a color filled temperature aloft script? I need one for 850mb through 500mb levels.
3. Does anyone have a color filled sea surface temperature script which can be used with DA WS maps?
4. Does anyone know how to contour the freezing level in DA?

Paul, our webmaster was covering for me while I was recovering from my attack. Any help would be most appreciated!


Author:  Peter [ Tue Sep 11, 2007 10:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: some requests

I can probably help on the following item:

3. Does anyone have a color filled sea surface temperature script which can be used with DA WS maps?
This is a SST color filled script and can be modified to suit your requirements.
It has been written on 3 lines only for the colour fill operations and therefore runs quickly ie. the start of each line says 'ANALYZE,OVER FILL' etc.

The SFCPLOTMODEL I use shows SST overlaid on the coloured bands.

Regards Peter

#Display SST in 1 deg steps
ANALYZE,OVER FILL COLOR=128:160:000 GRTN=10 OVER FILL COLOR=096:192:128 GRTN=9 OVER FILL COLOR=088:185:142 GRTN=8 OVER FILL COLOR=080:175:158 GRTN=7 OVER FILL COLOR=064:160:192 GRTN=6 OVER FILL COLOR=064:140:220 GRTN=5 OVER FILL COLOR=064:128:255 GRTN=4 OVER FILL COLOR=032:110:255 GRTN=3 OVER FILL COLOR=000:096:255 GRTN=2 OVER FILL COLOR=000:079:255 GRTN=1 OVER FILL COLOR=000:064:255 GRTN=0 TSEA
ANALYZE,OVER FILL COLOR=254:086:037 GRTN=20 OVER FILL COLOR=234:110:018 GRTN=19 OVER FILL COLOR=216:136:000 GRTN=18 OVER FILL COLOR=236:148:000 GRTN=17 OVER FILL COLOR=255:160:000 GRTN=16 OVER FILL COLOR=240:160:000 GRTN=15 OVER FILL COLOR=224:160:000 GRTN=14 OVER FILL COLOR=207:175:000 GRTN=13 OVER FILL COLOR=192:192:000 GRTN=12 OVER FILL COLOR=158:175:000 GRTN=11
ANALYZE,OVER FILL COLOR=255:000:000 GRTN=30 OVER FILL COLOR=255:022:022 GRTN=29 OVER FILL COLOR=255:045:045 GRTN=28 OVER FILL COLOR=215:043:022 GRTN=27 OVER FILL COLOR=175:040:001 GRTN=26 OVER FILL COLOR=195:044:001 GRTN=25 OVER FILL COLOR=214:049:001 GRTN=24 OVER FILL COLOR=234:055:004 GRTN=23 OVER FILL COLOR=254:063:007 GRTN=22 OVER FILL COLOR=254:074:022 GRTN=21
SFCPLOTMODEL,C:\Program Files\DigitalAtmosphereWS\SST Plot model.sps
product,PLF,0,Surface Plots
analyze,CONT CINT=1 COLOR=100:100:100 DOTS TSEA
import,C:\Program Files\DigitalAtmosphereWS\Europe and NE Atlantic Topographical SST.gif

Author:  severe storm_forecaster [ Wed Sep 12, 2007 4:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SST

Hey Pete:

I want to thank you for your help with this script. It will go well with our tropical page.


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