FTP notation for server login

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FTP notation for server login

Post by edwoodza »

hi there
need help to import weather data from a server that requires username and password:
I use the standard ftp notation as follows and it works in my browsers
[url]ftp://user%20:%20pass%20@%20server/filename.txt[/url] (at= the at sign)
DA sees the @ and removes it so it becomes
and as such does not like it and does not work

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Re: FTP notation for server login

Post by razeliex »

How can i share my files on a ftp space without giving my password? i m a teacher and my school gave me a ftp space that i can be able to add drop files from explorer with my password. İ want to put the lecture notes, presentations for my students. Bu i dont know how could they be able to get these files without my password? İs it possible?
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Re: FTP notation for server login

Post by Budgie »

Your password is there so that only you can upload files to the server. Without it anyone can access the server and upload anything.
You could try something like Fillzilla which does it all for you and means that you don't have to access the ftp website on your browser. You do need to know the server's ftp address, username & password though.

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