Random error

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Random error

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I have a couple of scripts running on a Windows server (2003 web edition). The scripts can run for days even a week or more, but often Digital Atmosphere will "freeze up" with an error box error for example

"Digital Atmosphere encountered an error: Cannot create file C:\windows

It is always the same error but the file name being created can be different. The actual "crash" is random too, can happen after a few hours of running or after a week.

I checked the windows logs but there is no indication that this is a Windows server problem. It is only a small server, with 512mb dedicated ram. Could a lack of ram be causing this?

Unfortunately I have little other information to offer regarding this. The scripts are obviously fine because I can get a good run of a week or more before it will "freeze up"


Ps. I meant to post this in the support forum.

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