Plot Soundings With DA

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Plot Soundings With DA

Post by embayweather »

I would like to plot a sounding or two with DA scripts. The manual indicates SOUNDING, Station. Which seems rather short. It does not indicate whether it is a name or number, or whether a chart must be imported first . Can anyone advise me if this is possible, or if the recommended way is via RAOB, which I do not have?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Plot Soundings With DA

Post by JohnShewchuk »

I can not answer your question about plotting soundings with DA, but I do know that the RAOB Program has several options which many users like, including scripts. While the RAOB website provides several diagram examples, the new RAOB Video page (which is under development) offers interactive views of program capabilities (

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Re: Plot Soundings With DA

Post by DonaldLaw »

Which kind of interactive program is included in that ? Most of the modules are there, but cannot find the one that we need.

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Re: Plot Soundings With DA

Post by chuck »

Yes DA can post soundings. When you click on soundings Click on the drop down list (second over) select station from that list
And plot.

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