Adjustment to precip. water

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Adjustment to precip. water

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Have not been happy with previous PW script. Have searched online and have found estimates that include the Grav. Constant. When I have included that into the equation the numbers are way off. This script like the orig. is just an estimate. I just ran this and checked with the spc site. except for the really low values out west, everything east of the Miss. is very close. So here is the updated version that *appears* to be closer to reality. The SPC site shows "PW for lowest 400Mb" This script uses sfc to 500mb.

analyze,sdvc=9:25.4 stor=9 ssum=7:8 stor=8 mixr hsfc stor=7 ssum=3:6 stor=6 ssum=4:5 stor=5 mixr h925 stor=4 mixr h850 stor=3 ssum=1:2 stor=2 mixr h700 stor=1 mixr h500
analyze,fill color=238:232:170 grtn=0
analyze,fill color=250:250:210 grtn=0.6
analyze,fill color=255:228:181 grtn=0.8
analyze,fill color=245:222:179 grtn=1
analyze,fill color=245:175:150 grtn=1.2
analyze,fill color=205:225:185 grtn=1.4
analyze,fill color=185:215:170 grtn=1.6
analyze,fill color=165:205:155 grtn=1.8
analyze,over Fill color=145:195:140 Grtn=2.0
analyze,cont cint=0.1


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