strictly anecdotal: Poten. Precip. Placement

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strictly anecdotal: Poten. Precip. Placement

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I have been playing around with a lot of variations of this, this is the one that appears to be the most reliable. And unless I find something better is the final edition of this script. It uses ave. rel. hum X PW, along with surf Conv (diag. fill).

analyze,stor=8 sdvc=9:25.4 stor=9 ssum=7:8 stor=8 mixr hsfc stor=7 ssum=3:6 stor=6 ssum=4:5 stor=5 mixr h925 stor=4 mixr h850 stor=3 ssum=1:2 stor=2 mixr h700 stor=1 mixr h500
ANALYZE,stor=1 relh h500
ANALYZE,stor=2 relh h700
ANALYZE,stor=3 relh h850
ANALYZE,stor=4 relh hsfc
ANALYZE,stor=5 savg=1:2
ANALYZE,stor=6 savg=3:4
ANALYZE,stor=7 savg=5:6
ANALYZE,OVER FILL COLOR=0:125:0 GRTN=0.9 FILL COLOR=0:185:0 GRTN=0.8 FILL COLOR=0:255:0 GRTN=0.7 FILL COLOR=125:255:125 GRTN=0.6 FILL COLOR=185:255:185 GRTN=0.5

analyze,over fill fils=4 lstn=0 color=50:50:50 dash=3 SMLC=1:1000000 STOR=1 DVRG WIND hsfc
analyze,cont cint=5 lstn=0


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