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 Post subject: Albany download
PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:25 pm 
I`m running several scripts that download the data from Albany, these scripts will generate maps every hour. When approximately would be the best time to schedule the `download` script to initiate, because I`ve noticed between 00 and 10 past the hour, the data is usually missing/or corrupt. I guess that is when the data is being updated?

Also, because I`ll be downloading each hour, is there an easier way to get daws to download, other than the scheduler? What I`m saying, if I`m downloading each hour, I`ll have to write up 24 schedules?

I am new to daws, so excuse me if I`m making errors!!

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2005 9:06 pm 
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1.) About the earliest time to download Metar data is around 15 min. past the hour. Unfortunately, it takes that long for the data to arrive and also get good coverage for North America.

2.) Yes, you'll have to prepare a script schedule for each hour that you want to run. This should only take a few minutes to prepare, however.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2005 10:14 pm 
0015 downloader2.dsf
0052 downloader2.dsf
0115 downloader2.dsf
0152 downloader2.dsf
0215 downloader2.dsf
0252 downloader2.dsf
0315 downloader2.dsf
0352 downloader2.dsf
0415 downloader2.dsf
0452 downloader2.dsf
0515 downloader2.dsf
0552 downloader2.dsf
0615 downloader2.dsf
0652 downloader2.dsf
0715 downloader2.dsf
0752 downloader2.dsf
0815 downloader2.dsf
0852 downloader2.dsf
0915 downloader2.dsf
0952 downloader2.dsf
1015 downloader2.dsf
1052 downloader2.dsf
1115 downloader2.dsf
1152 downloader2.dsf
1215 downloader2.dsf
1252 downloader2.dsf
1315 downloader2.dsf
1352 downloader2.dsf
1415 downloader2.dsf
1452 downloader2.dsf
1515 downloader2.dsf
1552 downloader2.dsf
1615 downloader2.dsf
1652 downloader2.dsf
1715 downloader2.dsf
1752 downloader2.dsf
1815 downloader2.dsf
1852 downloader2.dsf
1915 downloader2.dsf
1952 downloader2.dsf
2015 downloader2.dsf
2052 downloader2.dsf
2115 downloader2.dsf
2152 downloader2.dsf
2215 downloader2.dsf
2252 downloader2.dsf
2315 downloader2.dsf
2352 downloader2.dsf

Copy and paste the above into the schedule window


Copy and paste this into the script creator and save as downloader2.dsf.

This will download the metars and buoys, and also display a map with sea level pressure and plots using the data. Each file will also be saved for archiving purposes in c:\ may want to create this directory first:)

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2005 10:29 pm 
Remove the second ingest line from the above script..
so it reads like this:


It is necessary to download them in this way if you want to save the raw data, and know which file is which. So you'll have a raw file for the buoys and metars, but only the meatars will plot.

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