Gabriel Vasquez has been born December 19

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Tim Vasquez
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Gabriel Vasquez has been born December 19

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My wife Shannon Key Vasquez went into labor December 17 and gave birth December 19, at 4:20 am, to Gabriel Gene Vasquez, weighing 10 lb 15 oz and measuring 22 inches. The pregnancy was under the care of Austin midwife Melanie Henderson, and produced a surprisingly active baby who was crying immediately after being lifted from Shannon, and was already trying to turn himself over and raise his head in the nursery just 15 minutes after being born. Otherwise he is a fairly normal baby and we are all working out great together.

The labor lasted 30 hours at home, with our midwife, and after mutual decision we continued at Austin's St. David hospital with an epidural. After eight hours this did not progress, so we had no choice but to elect a cesarean section, a good idea as we had no idea of the baby's size (it couldn't have made it out!) I helped Shannon through the entire labor and operation, as her husband and birth partner, and have been staying with her and Gabriel 24 hours a day in her hospital room. She is still there but is expected to be released between tonight and early Tuesday.

Needless to say, all this has virtually shut down beta testing, support, order processing, E-mail correspondence, and shipments. I'm home right now for a few hours to process orders to meet Christmas deadlines and reply to urgent E-mails, but I'll be back at the hospital this afternoon until Shannon is released. She is doing great so far.

I'll post a photo later this week.

Tim Vasquez

rik wessels
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Many congratulations are in order here I think :)

Shane Z Adams
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Nice work guys!!! That's a whopper of a baby. Gabe's the first baby in a while I've known who was as long as I was, hehe.

You guys have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (and baby boy)

Grant Firl
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Congratulations Tim and Shannon! :D

Have a wonderful Christmas with your new son.

Scott Kampas
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Congratulations Tim and Shannon!! I'm glad everything ended up alright, that's a large baby!

Happy Holidays,


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Hey Tim:

Just got word of your new baby, and thought I'd say "congratulations" to both you and Shannon. Boy, a 10lb baby, that's a beaut! I'm glad he and Shannon are doing well, and hope everything stays that way!

What a Christmas present eh?

Again, please accept my congratulations on your new arrival in the family.

Randy Groom, CEO and Senior Meteorologist,
Midwest Weather Service Office.

Fred Capello
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Congratulations and Happy Holidays!

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Tim and Shannon, congratulations with the birth of heavy weight Gabriel. I wish you all the best with the new Vasquez boy.

I hope you will still be able to find time in the near future to work on all your projects, especially Digital Atmosphere.

For now, I too wish you all a Merry Christmas and tons of good health in 2004!

Kind regards,

Fred Capello :D

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Baby Birth

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Congratulations to both of you Tim.

Nothing like the birth of a baby. Hope you will get as much pleasure from your children as I get from mine (Elizabeth,3). A real handful at times, but worth every moment.

Enjoy flies by!!!

Best wishes,

Simon Keeling

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Post by Rino »

Hello Tim,

I've just read "THE" news.
Hope all is well with your wife and the kid.


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