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DA 2.00 Quality Control function

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DA 2.00 Quality Control function

Post by Peter »

The Quality Control function freezes the program

Tried uninstalling then reinstalling but to no avail, problem persists.
All other functions work well except Quality Control using the dedicated toolbar button or the pulldown menu.

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Post by tmagan »

Happened to me, too.
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Post by Zachenbacher »

Same here.

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Post by albertdr6 »

Ditto. Just locks up.
Fred Capello
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Same problem with me as well

Post by Fred Capello »

I installed version 2.00 the other day and I noticed the same problem: opening the QC feature causes the program to hang. Is there no solution (yet) for this problem, Tim? I haven't seen a reaction from you yet in this forum concerning this topic. I do hope you read this and the findings of the other folks in this forum's topic as well. Thanks in advance for your reaction!
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Post by lrdheat »

In addition to the quality control freezing of the program problem, I just noticed that in the analysis option for wind, the moisture convergence function generates a field of 0's (zeroes) mapwide. I wondered if cressman was unique in this, but see that nearest neighbor also results in the same problem.


Daniel Davis
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Post by Daniel Davis »

I'm using Digital Atmosphere Professional 2.01 on Window 7 build 6000 and Quality Control hangs as well.
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