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Tim Vasquez
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Interesting web sites

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On a different note, here are some interesting web sites I have found over the past few months:

Interesting news about what's really going on, without the fluff or corporate spin. Updated all the time 24 hours a day, and if anything interesting happens in the world it will usually get posted immediately.

A freeware spaceflight simulator that is as good as anything you'd get from the big software houses for $100. I have learned an incredible amount about orbital physics and Space Shuttle operations by tinkering with this program. I recommend it wholeheartedly!

Rock on the Net Top 40
I've listened to radio a lot and followed Top 40 music all my life. Nowadays, the Clear Channel corporate beast has pretty much destroyed US radio in a soup of homogenous, commercial-ridden garbage, so I rely more on lists like this and non-US stations on the Internet to hear the latest. Not that I like much of Top 40. I prefer alternative rock, but the stuff that gets airplay is pretty much angry thrash alternative. Oh well, gotta have lists like these to root out the best. This chart has nice Top 40 charts that go back decades! Warning: Flash ads.

Radio Locator
Simple, functional database of good simulcasts on the Internet. I like to listen to Irish and UK contemporary stations while I'm working to get a taste of what's going on elsewhere.

Excellent companion for dealing with all kinds of annoying problems in Microsoft Windows. It's bustling.

Products Incorporating Spyware
Avoiding viruses is as simple as ignoring E-mail attachments. What should concern you more is the programs and demos that are bundled with bots that invade your privacy and install things you didn't authorize (including, in some rare cases, viruses!). This is one tool at your disposal for checking something out. For more info, some good resources are Lavasoft (great support forum), Cexx, and DoxDesk.

List of Lists
Interesting list of shareware and freeware utilities. You might find something you never know you needed!
Moderated group with well-written film reviews by a cross-section of the Internet community. In my opinion this is a better place to get quality reviews than the chaotic and ad-infested IMDB.

Have you found any interesting sites lately?


Grant Firl
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<A HREF="">Tom's Hardware</A HREF>

Here is a website to keep you informed about the latest news in computer hardware. It offers insightful reviews of just about every type of computer hardware and comparisons of like products on the market. If you are at all interested in keeping your computer and yourself up-to-date, this website is the one for you!


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