Ajo Dining Guide

Restaurants in Ajo, AZ (a waypoint between Phoenix and Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point, Mexico) were sampled during our 10-day stay in late July 1999 launching weather balloons. Needless to say, there wasn't a whole lot to do so I had plenty of time to sample the local cuisine. We checked out Bamboo Village, Don Juan's, Senor Sancho's, Dairy Queen, Copper Kettle, Marcela's Cafe, and attempted to sample Munchie's and Chiliville.

Restaurant Overall Rating Food quality Accuracy Atmosphere &
Bamboo Village
1810 N 2nd Ave
Chinese restaurant

A surprisingly good Chinese restaurant! A little dim due to no windows and slightly absent service, but a great find.
Don Juan's
100 Estrella Ave
Mexican food

A great restaurant with an upbeat family atmosphere. Lots of locals dropped by during our meal for take-out -- a great sign.
Senor Sancho's
663 N 2nd Ave
Mexican food

Fairly good Mexican restaurant; nothing outstanding. Kind of small and dark.
Dairy Queen
1304 N 2nd Ave
Ice cream & fast food

There are usually more flies than treats in the kitchen. Average fare, slow, higher than usual prices.
Copper Kettle
23 Plaza St
Family restaurant

A large but possibly overrated place. Flies seemed to be out of control. Food average diner fare, bacon was exceptionally good, but an associate concluded meatloaf was "more loaf than meat".
Marcela's Cafe
N 2nd Ave
Family restaurant

Service/food/accuracy was good on first visit, poor on second visit. A few weeks later an associate confirmed that service tended towards lousy. Nice pastries.
N 2nd Ave
Small restaurant
Permanently closed? ? ? ? ?
Milepost 38 Route 85
Burger place
"Closed for summer", although their Mexican insurance door was always open ? ? ? ?

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