Best and Worst
Of course these are fleeting impressions and may not be representative, but when we look back on this 9000-mile trip, these are our best & worst picks.       -- Tim Vasquez

Best Worst
Food Captain Bartlett's Inn, Fairbanks, AK. Melt-in-your-mouth fish & chips, a complete beer selection, and outstanding service. Country Kitchen, Eads, CO. Raw steak and chicken to die for (literally). The state should shut this place down.
Lodging Rundle Mountain Motel, Canmore, AB. Friendly staff, large spacious rooms, great beds, and a great rate! Provincial Motel, Fort Nelson, BC. Not a bad place, but because of mildewy sheets and a leaking toilet, it didn't compare with the other places we stayed at.
City Pouce Coupe, BC. Just a stone's throw from Dawson Creek, this town had charm and good vibes all the way through. We also enjoyed Whitehorse, YT immensely; we want to come back and see it more. Billings, MT. This town seemed to be raked with all sorts of problems; neither of us got a good feeling from this town.
Jasper/Banff National Park, AB. What a gorgeous 142-mile stretch, and we were lucky that traffic was very light. The 100-mile Alaska Highway stretch near Summit Lake, BC was also very scenic. Prince Rupert to Prince George, BC. This might have been fun if we weren't passing through, but the windy roads, frequent in-town routings, low speed limits, and traffic made this 454-mile stretch totally exhausting.
Roads Texas. In spite of lots of traffic, wide 4-lane roads and very small construction areas helped get us quickly on our way. Colorado. Ridiculously long construction zones, bumpy, narrow roads, and poor sign routing made the drive a headache.
Traffic Yukon. What traffic? Ok, there were a few slow RV's here and there, but this was a place where you could enjoy the drive without worrying about other folks on the road. Dallas. Returning through north Dallas and Richardson we saw unparalleled examples of aggressive, nearly violent driving. I-25 in north Colorado, Billings, MT, and North Pole, AK come in second, third, and fourth for idiot drivers.
Haines, AK southbound (U.S.). OK, I've heard the stories that U.S. border officials are a pain, but the lady here was as courteous and friendly as could be. Border, AK westbound (U.S.). The border official here was cold and distant. Courteous, but I felt like I was interrupting his afternoon siesta.
Attractions Yukon. This was the most enjoyable part of our trip. Lots of great sights, historic places, and towns to see. Even the wildlife was friendly and the bears left us alone. Fairbanks. This is only a marginal worst; Fairbanks was a great place, but half the time we had no idea what would be open or closed for the winter (which apparently extends through May 28).

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