Alternate namesBalbasava (US), Orsha Southwest (US), Bolbasovo, Orsha
Location11 km SW Orsha
Coordinates54° 26.3' N 30° 17.7' E (54.4383,30.2950)
Elevation189 m (620 ft)
Runway3000x60 m (9842x197 ft) 061-241°T (CONC)
Military units402 TBAP (Tu-22M3, 1991)[#2].

Comments and historyBomber base with long runway, large tarmac area, and 30 large revetments. Remote revetment area contains 5 bomber pads and probably 5 fighter pads. The base was home to a bomber regiment since 1944. It became the first nuclear bomber base around 1952 receiving the first Tu-16s. 402 TBAP is subordinate to 326 TBAD (Solcy).

Mapping linksGoogle Earth -,30.2950&spn=0.1,0.1&output=kml
Google Maps (map) -,30.2950&spn=0.1,0.1&t=m&q=54.4383,30.2950
Google Maps (sat) -,30.2950&spn=0.1,0.1&t=h&q=54.4383,30.2950
Wikimapia - (Russian viewing recommended)
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Sources Computations and data compilation: Tim Vasquez
Coordinate data: Google Earth
Elevation data:
Runway data: Google Earth
ICAO identifier assignment:

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