Severniy Polyus-6

Alternate namesSP-6, North Pole-6
Locationat East Siberian Sea
Coordinates81° 15.0' N 147° 42.0' E (81.2500,147.7000)
Elevation12 m (39 ft)
Runway500x m (1640x ft) 000-180°T (ICE)

Comments and historyNorth Pole-6 was opened April 1956 at 74 27'N 177 04'E to create a bomber staging airfield on a very large ice floe measuring 15 x 20 km and 15 m thick. It was serviced by Tu-4, Il-12, Li-2, An-2, and Mi-4 from Tiksi. By April 1957 it had drifted to 75 37'N 171 04'E. A Tu-16A was lost during landing and abandoned 26 April 1958. In April 1958 SP-6 was at 80 56'N 150 15'E. Tu-4 aircraft continued to land in April 1959. In April 1959 SP-6 was at 87 18'N 39 37'E. Position given here is as of 1958 at time of the Tu-16 crash. Research was done here as part of IGY (International Geophysics Year). The site closed September 14, 1959, at which time the site position was 82 06'N 3 56'E.

Mapping linksGoogle Earth -,147.7000&spn=0.1,0.1&output=kml
Google Maps (map) -,147.7000&spn=0.1,0.1&t=m&q=81.2500,147.7000
Google Maps (sat) -,147.7000&spn=0.1,0.1&t=h&q=81.2500,147.7000
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Sources Computations and data compilation: Tim Vasquez
Coordinate data:
Elevation data:
Runway data:
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