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Digital Atmosphere - Standard version

(V3.50a - 5 June 2023)

Official release of our latest version. Simply run the installer file contained in the ZIP file. Below you will find the updated Digital Atmosphere Manual which is designed for this newer version. Listing of changes. (Windows)

Download (47 MB)

Digital Atmosphere - Professional version

(V3.50a - 5 June 2023)

Professional version downloads and updates are available for registered Professional users. Contact us directly to obtain access to these files. NOTE THAT IF YOU ARE USING THE CHART RETRIEVER MODULE, please download this document for information on how to configure it correctly; the four required files are located here (we cannot build it directly into Digital Atmosphere due to GNU licensing restrictions).

Size: 48 MB

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Digital Atmosphere Manual

(Jan 2023)

Digital Atmosphere user manual in PDF form. This is the same manual that is installed with the software.

Download Digital Atmosphere Manual.pdf (10 MB)

Digital Atmosphere Historical Data

(V2019.01.15 - January 2019)

View weather situations going back 87 years with Digital Atmosphere Historical Data! These are complete sets of observations for North America (US, all 50 states, plus Canada, and Mexico) twice a day, at 00Z and 12Z. Requires Digital Atmosphere 2018 V3.06 or later.

Download Digital_Atmosphere_Historical_Data_V2019.01.15.exe (702 MB)

Digital Atmosphere - Repair kit for "No Available Workchart"

Unzip this in your Digital Atmosphere folder if for some reason you get a "No available workchart" message. This should not be needed in Digital Atmosphere releases after 2019 as the software will fix the problem on its own.

Download (300 KB)

Digital Atmosphere - Plains Relief Maps

High-quality relief maps of the Great Plains, for use with Digital Atmosphere. Designed by Patrick Lawrence in 2005; a sample can be viewed here. Consists of seven files, covering TX, OK, KS, NE, SD, IA, and MN. Unzip into the Digital Atmosphere directory or into any other folder where you'd like to access them. NOTE: The new Maps > Planetary Maps functionality can be used for high quality maps somewhat like these.

Download (5.4 MB)



Excellent software program for viewing sounding and SKEW-T data. (Windows)

Download raobdemo.exe (8 MB)


Single-station weather prediction program. Requires manual input of current weather conditions. Very sophisticated physics parameterizations. Station sample is for Atlanta. (Windows)

Download wxsimdem.exe (1.2 MB)


Program for ingesting EMWIN data via satellite. Requires special satellite equipment. (Windows)

Download re-v173.exe (5.1 MB)

Forecast Laboratory Patch

This contains a replacement for the 2005t.txt file to fix a problem with 2005 tornadoes not plotting. Just unzip into your "\Program Files\fcstlab" directory so that it replaces the old file dated 2006 with the new version dated 7/12/09. (Windows)

Download (28 KB)


Front Painter

Paint fronts and weather symbols on top of images. Provided as-is. Freeware. For an old Mac version (no support provided), click here. (Windows)

Download frontpainter.exe (2.3 MB)


Downloads charts off the Internet (GIF, JPG, or TIF) and sends them directly to your printer according to a scheduler. It's like having your own DIFAX machine! (Windows)

Download weatherpipe.exe (950 KB)

Weather Audit

Compares a METAR file to a Digital Atmosphere station table and shows which stations are not being recognized. Excellent for finding new sites. (Windows)

Download (140 KB)

Weather Encoder

Utility that allows a user to type in current weather conditions. The program will then encode this in METAR and SYNOP format. (Windows)

Download encoder.exe (282 KB)

Meteorological Truetype Font

Truetype font containing all weather symbols. Freeware but may not be redistributed without our express written permission. We recommend using but if you have any problems viewing this font we suggest using instead. (Windows)

Download (23 KB)

Download (23 KB)


MS-DOS program for viewing METAR data in North America. This was our flagship program until 1996. Freeware. (MS-DOS)

Download (760 KB)


A primitive model viewer that was written in the 1990s for MS-DOS. (MS-DOS)

Download (360 KB)


Another old MS-DOS program from the National Weather Service for viewing NEXRAD RCM data. (MS-DOS)

Download (771 KB)


The famous 1990s National Weather Service program for viewing soundings. (MS-DOS)

Download (320 KB)


Windows utility designed to slow down the processor so that it can run older MS-DOS programs. Even this may not be enough for some computers. (Windows)

Download (8 KB)


The Operational Meteorology of Convective Weather: Volume I: Mesoscale Analysis (NSSFC-5)

A 1982 landmark paper by Dr. Charles A. Doswell III in PDF format. (PDF)

Download Doswell_Volume_1_Mesoscale_Analysis.pdf (40 MB)

The Operational Meteorology of Convective Weather: Volume II: Storm-Scale Analysis

A 1985 paper on storm structure by Dr. Charles A. Doswell III, also in PDF format. Includes a 2012 introduction by Charles Doswell. (PDF)

Download Doswell_Volume_2_Storm_Scale_Analysis.pdf (17 MB)

Observer Handbook

A book I wrote for amateur weather observers in 1994 and reissued in 1999. This is the official copy. (PDF)

Download obsman.pdf (800 KB)

AWS/TR-240: Tropical Meteorology

A noteworthy guide on tropical forecasting, written in 1991 by Colin S. Ramage for the Air Weather Service. 286 pp. A Weather Graphics exclusive! (PDF)

Download tropicalmeteorology.pdf (760 KB)

Digital Atmosphere Analysis White Paper

Explains in detail the theory behind the Digital Atmosphere analysis algorithms. (PDF)

Download daanal.pdf (150 KB)


Galactic Viewer

An interesting mapping program for amateur astronomers. See the relationship of all significant objects in our galaxy with the spiral arms and even with Star Trek geography. NOTE: This program was written in 2004 and last updated 2008; it is provided strictly as-is.

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