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Severe Weather

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 5:30 pm
by MMWeather
Have posted other indices in previous posts, came across a paper on 700mb temps and sever conv storms ... F2222333.1. script for this is below, pink area is area of poss severe and higher pot for torn and hail. yellow area is wind. It is not accurate for mountainous regions and is a rough estimate of/or proxy for cin from what I gleaned from the paper. It is meant to approx severe storm area, as the paper states this is not foolproof. Always use NOAA sites for severe weather. As always, if it outdated or inaccurate let me know and I will fix (if possible) or remove.

#pink poss severe storms, tornado, hail. yellow wind.
#should approx spc conv storm outlook, may not...have just started running this.
#is not valid in mountainous areas...or high plains
analyze,over fill lstn=11 grtn=1 color=255:200:200 temp h700
analyze,over fill lstn=13 grtn=11 color=255:255:51
analyze,cont equa=1.5 cont equa=11 color=255:0:0 cont equa=13 temp h700


Re: Severe Weather

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 6:05 pm
by MMWeather
I look at most of the scripts I have posted, will repost my favorite for severe storms below. It is not always right, but it seems to work a vast majority of times.
I use it at hsfc and h850 or lower (I live on east coast). Thte advect.

#thte advection at selected level
analyze,over fill grtn=0.2 color=255:50:50 fill grtn=0.1 color=200:100:100 fill grtn=0.05 color=255:150:150 fill grtn=0 color=255:200:200 fill color=190:190:255 ADVT THTE/WIND
analyze,cont cint=0.05 color=0:0:0 ADVT THTE/WIND

Until or unless their are updates to DA for CAPE, etc (or if I find other info or papers on weather) I'm pretty much done. Hope they have helped.