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"Thank you for actually penning these books. They are a wonderful review of the concepts without the excessive (but necessary) amount of math behind them. I wish they had been recommended as supplements in both my undergrad and graduate years."

— Josh Tobias, 2017

"I have used Digital Atmosphere for quite sometime and consider it to be one of the most straightforward, comprehensive, and operationally useful programs on my server. I have found it to be invaluable for my day-to-day analyses and forecasting as well as my ongoing research. Tim is also extremely helpful and absolutely indispensable when it comes to locating scripts, the best datasets, and even professional contacts to help make any organization as productive as possible."

Chris Robbins, iWeatherNet

"The quality of your products is second to none."

— C. Brian Batey

"Thanks Tim for your quick response (we like that at FedEx) about our Professional Versions! As we're a 24/7 operation, we're look forward to augmenting our present weather system with Digital Atmosphere."

— Mel Bradley, FedEx Operations

"Wow. Your books are incredibly technical and useful. I consider myself a very amateur weather watcher and feel that I am already ahead of the curve. Thank you."

— Terry W. Taylor

"The NEXRAD support is truly awesome and easy to use - and the other feature just really tops it off. This is about my sixth email tonight - the other five being to other spotters in the area telling them they just have to download Digital Atmosphere and give it a serious going over."

— David Cashion

"I'm really looking forward to the next phase of Digital Atmosphere Workstation. I'm sure it will be as excellent as all your other products."

— Simon Keeling
Weather Consultancy Services, UK

"I run and manage a number of festival type events and Digital Atmosphere is able to produce charts that I can use for normal weather forecasting with a fair degree of accuracy and in particular wind speed and direction that is crucial to many of events."

— Robert Connolly, GI7IVX

"The archive data arrived today. WOW! What an amazing set of data! Thanks again for all the extras that you included as well!"

— Bryan Bollman, IA

"We do run GEMPAK and all the Unidata software also, but your package has numerous advantages, the biggest being Windows."

— Anonymous

"I am very impressed with what you have done. I have already shown several people at work your site. I plan on talking to our MIC [Meteorologist In Charge] soon to see if we can get Digital Atmosphere in the office to complement/supplement AWIPS."

— Ken Simosko, NWS, Pocatello

"This new version is even better than the older version which was awesome! Your programming skills and met knowledge amaze me!"

— Chris Kincaid


Tim Vasquez offers personalized training via Skype video chat (link to Skype download). This allows students to get all the benefits of the 100+ Forecast School courses we have done, and allows you to ask questions, show charts, and go over products.

You may choose a structured or an unstructured format, and change your preferences at any time during training. With structured courses you get one of the Forecast School lessons that were conducted in Norman, Oklahoma between 2001 and 2013, and you may request specific elements of that course. Unstructured lessons draw from current weather or historical weather situations, and we go over the weather using dozens of available tools. Unstructured lessons are the most popular with our Skype students.
The rates are as follows:

Half hour - $65 Purchase

One hour - $95 Purchase

Four hours - $350 Purchase

Purchased time does not need to be used all at once, and may be split across multiple times or dates. Forecast School via Skype is considered a private session and may not be posted online or distributed.
Training sessions are generally available Monday through Friday, afternoons and evenings between 11am and 8pm Central time. Several days notice is normally required, and available time slots will vary, but we will work with you to find a time that is mutually acceptable. To schedule training time, purchase a block of training time above and then contact us at the email address below.

For no-shows we will allow the time to be rescheduled up to three times.

If you want to take advantage of our online training but prefer not to use Skype, contact us and we will work with you to try to come up with another solution.

We normally reply within 2 business days unless there is a heavy workload.
About Tim Vasquez
Tim Vasquez is among the top experts on severe weather forecasting and is an accomplished author and programmer. Tim was mentored by the late Alan Moller, part of the first generation of storm forecasters, as well as famous chaser Tim Marshall. As an Air Force meteorologist he provided weather support for the F-117A Stealth Fighter program in Nevada, for United Nations Command Korea, for Operation Support Hope in Rwanda in 1994, and for B-1B Lancer operations at Dyess AFB, Texas. At Dyess and in Korea he was responsible for training and certifying all incoming meteorologists. He completed WSR-88D doppler radar training by the NEXRAD manufacturer and holds certification from Unisys. His books, including Weather Analysis & Forecasting, Weather Map Handbook, and Storm Chasing Handbook continue to be popular titles.