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"The quality of your products is second to none."

— C. Brian Batey

"Thanks Tim for your quick response (we like that at FedEx) about our Professional Versions! As we're a 24/7 operation, we're look forward to augmenting our present weather system with Digital Atmosphere."

— Mel Bradley, FedEx Operations

"Wow. Your books are incredibly technical and useful. I consider myself a very amateur weather watcher and feel that I am already ahead of the curve. Thank you."

— Terry W. Taylor

"The NEXRAD support is truly awesome and easy to use – and the ‘other’ feature just really tops it off. This is about my sixth email tonight – the other five being to other spotters in the area telling them they just have to download Digital Atmosphere and give it a serious going over."

— David Cashion

"I'm really looking forward to the next phase of Digital Atmosphere Workstation. I'm sure it will be as excellent as all your other products."

— Simon Keeling
Weather Consultancy Services, UK

"I run and manage a number of festival type events and Digital Atmosphere is able to produce charts that I can use for normal weather forecasting with a fair degree of accuracy and in particular wind speed and direction that is crucial to many of events."

— Robert Connolly, GI7IVX

"The archive data arrived today. WOW! What an amazing set of data! Thanks again for all the extras that you included as well!"

— Bryan Bollman, IA

"We do run GEMPAK and all the Unidata software also, but your package has numerous advantages, the biggest being Windows."

— Anonymous

"I am very impressed with what you have done. I have already shown several people at work your site. I plan on talking to our MIC [Meteorologist In Charge] soon to see if we can get Digital Atmosphere in the office to complement/supplement AWIPS."

— Ken Simosko, NWS, Pocatello

"This new version is even better than the older version which was awesome! Your programming skills and met knowledge amaze me!"

— Chris Kincaid

* Forecast Laboratory 2015 has been released today. This is an upgraded and expanded version of our older 2006 Forecast Laboratory program. This new forecasting application contains 68,000 charts for nearly 500 spring days between 2010 and 2014, giving you the ultimate forecast experience. Click here to learn more about it. (Posted 8/22/2014)


This is where it all begins: your guide to the basics of meteorology and forecasting. You'll start with the basic building blocks, covering bits of physics and meteorological units in an enjoyable, readable style. It's all then put together as we review dynamics and structures of weather systems, ranging from baroclinic highs to frontal systems to hurricanes. There are special chapters for convective weather, i.e. thunderstorms, and winter weather. Lots of trivia, notes, and facts can be found throughout the margins. This book is an excellent read for beginners and an easy-to-read review for professionals, covering that unique operational slant that a degree program might have missed.
WAF001 $29.95 | Purchase | Details

Our first full color title! Weather Radar Handbook explains everything you need to know about using the latest generation of Doppler and polarimetric radar. The art and science of interpreting severe weather and other radar signatures are explained throughly from an operational perspective using readily available tools such as GRLevelX and RadarScope. The first chapters outline the basics of radar theory and electromagnetism in a very readable format. There's a minimal amount of math here to help reinforce concepts. Then storm structures are outlined and compared with radar signatures, with important features and patterns explained. There's a special chapter on velocity products, plus another chapter on polarimetric products, which are rapidly becoming a mainstay of forecasting in 2013. Many examples and case studies are revealed in depth, with cross sections and even 3-D views. As usual, the margins are full of information relating to the radar topic being discussed.
WRH001 $44.95 | Purchase | Details

For those who live in central or eastern North America, Severe Storm Forecasting is a must-have on the forecast desk. The content is exactly what its title suggests: severe thunderstorm fundamentals from a forecasting perspective. Special attention has been paid to the chapters on thermodynamics and shear, which cover the most important part of this topic in an easy to understand style. A set of chapters focus on the main elements of severe weather: tornadoes, lightning, and hail. The final chapter at the end puts it all together, explaining how to anticipate and predict severe weather.
SVR001 $29.95 | Purchase | Details

There are thousands of meteorological charts on the Internet. Where do you start? What are they for? Which chart is right for a certain job? Weather Map Handbook helps make sense of it all. Dozens of key weather charts are explained one by one, with details on what they represent, what they're normally used for, how to analyze them, and things to look for on them during the forecast process. There are even suggested websites for where to get each of the charts. This book is an essential introduction for amateur forecasters and a handy reference for the forecast desk.
MAP002 $29.95 | Purchase | Details

This can be considered the "shop guide" for forecasters. Most of our weather books focus on weather and the process of building a forecast. This book is a unique reference guide that focuses on the building blocks themselves, providing a compendium of almost all known algorithms, techniques, and classifications used by practicing meteorologists. We've drawn on a wide range of material, from NWS Tech Memos to UK Met Office forecasting guidelines to create this unusual and very handy guide. There's also reference tables and coding/decoding sections. This book does not explain how to forecast; we recommend the Purple Book for that. But if you've got the basics down, the Red Book is the one you'll constantly be reaching for.
RED001 $29.95 | Purchase | Details

Storm chasing is a hobby and profession that has grown rapidly in the past 20 years. This book is not about storm chasers but serves as an introductory guide for aspiring chasers or just anyone interested in severe weather. Various chapters focus on equipment, forecasting, close-range tactics, safety, and much more. The book is lavishly illustrated, contains hundreds of margin notes, and features specially commissioned artwork drawn by David Hoadley, the pioneer of storm chasers. A large travel section in the back highlights routes of interest in the Great Plains, with everything from geology to restaurant picks.
SCH002 $29.95 | Purchase | Details

This book presents a series of case studies of unusual, damaging, and extreme weather events in North America, ranging from arctic outbreaks to severe weather to windstorms. Rather than focusing on the damage and the human element, this book examines the meteorology behind each event, showing what the surface and upper air charts revealed and presenting a "John Madden play by play" of the elements that created the weather system. After studying this book, you'll have a firm idea what to expect when bad weather is on the way and weather charts are at your disposal.
EXT001 $24.95 | Purchase | Details

Digital Atmosphere is a powerful Windows software package that allows you to plot detailed surface and upper air maps, soundings, and radar charts anywhere in the world. This software program has been under development since 1992 and is used by hundreds of hobbyists, companies, and weather agencies. See some examples here: (1, 2, 3) and see the software in action on sites like MeteoCenter Russia, and Bangladesh Tornadoes. Weather Roanoke. The software also produces publication-quality images for Weatherwise magazine, with examples here.

Windows 8/7/Vista/2000/XP
Standard Version: $89 | Info | Buy
Professional Version: $199 | Info | Buy
There's no risk getting the Standard Version, as it is upgradable at any time to the Professional Version for the difference in price.

Skilled forecasters demand powerful diagnostic tools, and for upper air analysis, nothing surpasses the capability of RAOB. You can import any upper air data from free weather datasites or from files obtained by Digital Atmosphere. Pick from any station in the list and view soundings, emagraphs, tephigrams, hodographs, and stability indices in amazing detail. Excellent customization capabilities allow charts to be displayed exactly the way you want them. There are optional modules available for hodographs, cross sections, interactive sounding analysis, soaring, mountain wave, and much more!

Windows 8/7/Vista/2000/XP
RAOB $99.95 | Info | Buy

Do you have what it takes to get storm chasers to the target? This educational forecasting simulation draws from 250 major chase days between 1979 and 2009, presenting users with the morning analysis charts and high-resolution hourly satellite images. Page forward hour by hour and refine the forecast, then once storms develop, compare how well you did with the locations of actual tornadoes, hail, and wind.

Windows 8/7/Vista/2000/XP
Forecast Simulator $49.95 | Info | Buy

Our first forecast chase simulation! It allows you to practice your forecasting skills with thousands of charts for 488 spring and early summer days in 2000 through 2004 -- including big outbreaks, ordinary scenarios, and null events. You never quite know what you'll get! As severe weather unfolds, you'll see text reports stream in from locations close to your chasemobile. A karma rating keeps track of how well or disappointing your chase is doing, comparing your own success and what's going on just over the horizon.

Windows 8/7/Vista/2000/XP
Forecast Laboratory $49.00 | Info | Buy

WX-SIM is a dynamic forecast model operating at one location, forecasting the weather for that spot. WX-SIM exploits observed conditions and centralized forecast data from NOAA and combines it with its own sophisticated physics model of the local atmosphere. The result? A singularly accurate forecast for the location of your choice. This makes it the tool of choice for the agricultural industry, aviation forecasters, and sporting venues.

Windows 8/7/Vista/2000/XP
WX-SIM Standard: $129.00 | Info | Buy
WX-SIM Professional: $249.00 | Info | Buy

This book presents a series of case studies of unusual, damaging, and extreme weather events in North America, ranging from arctic outbreaks to severe weather to windstorms. Rather than focusing on the damage and the human element, this book examines the meteorology behind each event, showing what the surface and upper air charts revealed and presenting a "John Madden play by play" of the elements that created the weather system. After studying this book, you'll have a firm idea what to expect when bad weather is on the way and weather charts are at your disposal.

Windows 8/7/Vista/2000/XP
CLIMA-SIM Standard: $49.00 | Info | Buy
CLIMA-SIM Professional: $139.00 | Info | Buy

Weather Graphics offers amazing collections of raw hourly observations and radiosonde bulletins going back to 1930 in standard METAR, SYNOP, and TEMP (TTAA/TTBB/PPBB) format, perfect for analyzing case studies, reviewing historical weather events, and conducting forensic meteorology investigations. We also offer large collections of official NWS/NCEP maps as well as forecast products, forecast discussions, and other text products going back to 2001.

For analysts, industry researchers, and researchers who want it all, ARGON is a ultra-massive database containing over 100 GB of weather data in MySQL database format. It's all contained on an expandable 250 GB USB hard drive. There is complete observation coverage for North America from federal weather observation sites, with data content spanning January 1931 to November 2009. With the power of SQL, you have unprecedented capability to analyze statistics and weather records. You can export data to spreadsheets, compute averages, develop climate algorithms, and much more! Optional updates are available in the form of DVD patches sent twice a year.

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